Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Welcome to Candy Gossip - all that's deliciously sweet about nails by Nail Candy MK

So... hi everyone!

I thought I'd start a blog because... why not?? I love reading other blogs and writing one myself could be so much fun! So thanks for visiting my blog and (hopefully) reading to the end :-)

About a year ago I decided to embark on my nail journey... I can't say that I am a typical "girly - girl". I usually can't be bothered with wearing lots of make up, I hate clothes shopping and I do like shoes but I'll have comfort over beauty 97% of the time!! (I wish I could be different but it seems to take soooo much energy to look perfectly groomed 100% of the time.) But I do like having perfect nails!! And so do my mom and my sister!And the three of us thought that instead of getting someone else to do our nails.. why didn't I?? So I did a bit of reseach (By "research" I mean I asked my sister and my mom what nail products they preferred) and decided to do  the CND Shellac beginners course. It was a fab course - lots of studying beforehand and a test that needed a pass mark of 70% - and the educator was great. Super friendly, very knowledgeable and her salon was beautiful! (For anyone living in Banbury its called So....Hair, Nails and Beauty) and if I wasn't sure that the beauty industry was for me before then, i was 100% sure after the course.

And so Nail Candy (Milton Keynes) was born.... There is nothing quite as exciting as embarking on a new journey!! (if you put aside the fear of failure for a short while). Trying to find a name for the business.... logo... colour! The list is close to never - ending... You can never achieve perfection - and if you stop trying then you are lazy or arrogant (well my opinion anyway) and so every week there is something that I think needs changing or tweaking or a new product I want to try that I think clients would benefit from...

And I guess thats what this blog will be all about.... Me trying new products for my business, trying to find new ways to enhance clients' experience or just being really honest about the highs and lows of starting a new business!

So, thanks for reading and I'll be back soon!!
 Natalie xx

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