Thursday, 7 May 2015


So today is D – day.. The day my website goes live… I’m a bit scared. I’m not sure why…I know that it is absolutely fantastic because my husband designed it and he never does anything half way or half arsed. He has spent so much time and effort making it perfect for me.. But still… it seems like I’m putting myself “out there”. Like an internet dating profile or something… “I’m 5ft 6 with perfect 38-32-36 measurements.. pick me for the time (ride) of your life…” Clearly I would be rubbish at internet dating (and my actual measurements are nowhere close)!! But I digress… So yeah, it feels like I’m trying to sell myself and that’s a little scary because what if nobody wants what I gots???!!! Wow that sounds like I’m selling something other than beautiful nails!!! Still digressing!! So, like I was saying - yes I already have a Nail Candy face book page but this is different. It’s more… formal .. more business-like…more “Oh my goodness I’m running a nail business!!!” So I have decided that to try and get people to check out my website I am doing a giveaway! Two vouchers worth £20 to two lovely ladies who are in Milton Keynes or who are able to visit me to get their chosen treatment. I really hope it’s something that the lovely ladies who have liked my Facebook page are interested in..

So, I will be putting the giveaway on Facebook tonight. I will let you know how it goes…I know I’m assuming that someone  will be reading this – but you have to dream BIG!! :-)

Oh and if you wanted to check my website out its

I'll be back soon
Natalie xx

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